Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where's Fall?

It's really difficult to get in the mood for Fall when the temperatures outside keep hitting the 100+ mark.  Looks like we have another heat wave headed our way this week. Fall is subtle enough in Southern California that you have to look REALLY HARD to find it. The heat waves aren't helping AT. ALL.  So, it is with a sort of half heartedness that I decorated for Fall the other day.  
 But, here I am sharing it with you anyway.
Somewhere I still need to locate my HARVEST banner.

This mantle clock was my great Grandmother's.
 Mr. Owl found his familiar perch again.

This little "back to school" grouping is a new addition. These pictures are of DD2's first day of First Grade and DD1's first day of Kindergarten, oh so long ago. Those are hand smocked dresses I made. The lunch box had been my husband's when he was little. Really.
Here's a picture of DD1 right before I left her on her first day of Kindergarten.  
Doesn't she look a little lost?  It broke my heart.
 Yes, as you can see, I still have them.

In order to tie in my funky red lamp with the more vintage books and accessories, I plopped a real apple on the books. Probably should replace that before too long, or have a snack. Hope your Fall days are cool!


  1. Oh, Karen! I can't believe you still have those dresses! How sweet and such good memories! I saved baptismal and communion dresses but not these and they were memorable...I cried like a baby!

    Your mantel is lovely...that mirror is gorgeous. I like seeing the close up details, too. I have to get to work on mine! ;-D

    Hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. hi karen,
    i hate to rub it in, but it was 72 degrees today and all my windows were open finally after a long hot you remember lovely fall days in tn? well, they are here. i smocked for my daughter and saved all her dresses too...perhaps our grand daughters will were them? well, your mantel looks great and i just love the pictures of your girls displayed! hopefully you will get cooler weather soon....


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