Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who'da Thought?

I went to the Farmer's Market today in the sweltering head and humidity. It's a good thing we started early.  Since I have recently changed my eating to being mostly protein and vegetables, I was looking forward to some beautiful produce. This new vegetable thing is so weird for me. I've always been a green bean and corn person. Occasionally a sliced tomato, but I'm working on changing that. I was not disappointed today. I did buy some of these gorgeous berries. Looks like they're about gone for the season. It's SO SAD. They're my favorite.  
 Looks like I will be snacking a bunch of little grape tomatoes and Sungold tomatoes this week.
I also bought some beautiful slicing tomatoes.  
These are heirlooms and just looked so pretty on the table.  

You'll have to come back and see what yummy plans I have for the blueberries.  I also bought arugula, my favorite salad green and I'm going to attempt roasting beets this week.  I bought two different varieties.  I've been told they're really good.  We'll see. I also bought a new to me type of green bean variety, sort of like haricots verts, but different.   I'll report back. 



  1. Vegetables are a Huge part of our daily diet. I was raised eating greens and I did the same with my boys. You are not alone, I have so many friends that are only now introducing veggie to their diet. My basic ingredient are fresh veggie, steamed or broiled, and toss with oil of olive and red balsamic vinegar and eat as a salad. But I have to say I never had beets..... Ciao Rita

  2. What beautiful pictures! I thought about going today but decided to avoid the heat. I bet you'll like the roasted beets. They're yummy. In fact, we roast a lot of our veggies. The flavor is so much better that way. Yummm! Enjoy your veggies. They look delicious.

  3. Great minds, Karen! I've been thinking that should get to a farmer's market for a serious photo shoot--your shots prove that. For sure it's a lot easier to eat healthy when you have an abundance of fresh fruits vegetables to fill in the "chinks". :-)

    BTW, your redwork post got me searching the internet for designs and inspiration. That might be my little handwork project for upcoming long flight. Still saving the links you sent me for fall projects. Have you had your Women of Faith Conference yet? What did the oilcloth become?

  4. Well, I'm sure you'll be healthier for your eating changes. How color inspiring this place is. Love the pics.

  5. Wow you did stock up. I have been mostly eating veggies this season since we started selling produce last yr. Sungolds are one of the best cherries. You just reminded me I need to roast some beets tonight, so much easier then boiling them and they seems sweeter.
    happy eating.



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