Thursday, August 16, 2012


After years and I mean years of working on and off on this rework piece, I finally pulled it out and finished it.  The pattern came from a Country Living magazine back when they would publish patterns and building instructions.  
Here is my Instagram close-up. 

I now need to make it into something to use.  Probably will be a pillow.  These pillows are inspiring me. Okay, NEVER MIND!  I thought I saved photos of some beautiful grain sack pillows.  Even with the ease of Pinterest, I can't locate them.  Maybe I didn't hit "Repin". Now, it's going to bother and frustrate me.  It's funny how I seem to remember things that I can't locate and forget things that are right in front of me.  Oh well, here's another pretty Red Work piece.

Look at how sweet this little girl is.  I love the inclusion of the fabric.  


  1. Very nice! I still need to do something with the one I finished too. And...get around to stitching some of the other things I had planned on. So many things to do and so little time! :-)

  2. These are wonderful...I would frame them! I need to pull out some stitching that I have going on...Christmas things that I try to work on starting every fall, and then never get done in time! lol!


  3. oh my gosh...i just love redwork on pillows and have some in one of my guest bedrooms...good job, karen it is so sweet!
    p.s. i have not been round much because i have been putting together a movie gallery for my daughters 30th birthday...i finished it last night and am emotionally exhausted today! 30 years of photos.....


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