Friday, August 3, 2012

Liberty Love

I just happened to notice Wednesday evening that Purl Soho was having a big sale on EVERYTHING to celebrate their 10th Anniversary.  So, I hopped right over and bought this little bundle of luciousness.  (Funny how spellcheck doesn't recognize that word). This is a bundle of Liberty of London fabrics.  A small bundle, I might add.  But, oh, the beauty it delivers!  I discovered Liberty fabrics maybe 20 years ago when I was living in Tennessee and sewing all my girls' clothing.  I enjoyed smocking and heirloom sewing, shadow embroidery and pattern drafting.  But, Liberty of London fabrics, I could not afford.  I did end up making one dress out of it for my youngest a little later.  If I can locate a picture, I'll add it in. Update: FINALLY found a picture. It helped that she was small and it didn't take up too much fabric.  I have sung the praises of this beautiful cotton ever since.

Here is a sampling of the beautiful fabrics included in my bundle.

Oh how I wish you could feel it. I may use them for something like this beautiful inspiration wall. Have you used Liberty's fabrics for a project?


  1. Very pretty! I especially like the blue ones. I've never heard of Liberty fabrics...until now. Enjoy! Can't wait to see what you make with them. :-)

  2. oh how i love those fabrics...i can't wait to see what you sew up. i used to make clothes for my daughter when she was little and even did some smocking. i have saved all of the hand made clothes that i made for my kids in hopes that my grandkids can wear some of them.....if that day ever comes!


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