Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Small Town Sights

On our way to visit my in-laws in a very tiny town in Missouri, I got a kick out of the "mile" markers along I-29.  I've never noticed before a highway with "mile" markers every .2 of a mile. If you would've been behind us, you might've thought my HH was a little inebriated.  He kept moving over to the side so I could catch one up close with my phone.  It took a few tries.  
We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's because that's about your only choice.  This fun duck was flapping his wings at the passersby.  
 The Dairy Diner seemed like the happening place in Fairfax only seconded by the Community Hospital. 
They had lots of yummy choices.

Chocolate chip and strawberry shakes. Yes, please.

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