Monday, June 18, 2012

I Love You More Than. . .

We had a lovely time with our family last week.  Our DD1 made an amazing dinner.  I need to get that Quinoa recipe from her and her pork shoulder was incredible.  Unfortunately, it's not in the picture.
Later we went to Spangles for dessert.  This is a mud slide, in case you were curious.  
It has layers of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and hard shell chocolate.  So good!
 Monday we were off to the vacation hot spot of Bass Pro Shops! Woo hoo!
Well, I had to do something to entertain myself!
I also went to see Debbie's antique booth at Lone Elm Antiques.
 I was told she contributed to this wonderful Father's Day display.

We also went to First Watch for breakfast.  I love their paper napkin ring quotes.
That's saying a lot! 
Well, exciting vacation photos, huh? I'll have more gripping pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Something for everyone this weekend. Dinner looks so tempting-did daughter make the pickled vegetables herself (can't spell the fancy name for them!). The ice cream looks just sinful. BTW, just discovered that Wal-mart now carries TCBY frozen yogurt--orange bars deevine, strawberry swirl very fresh tasting--not overly sweet.

    Great photo of you amusing yourself with sunglass selecting--big enough to do the job!


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