Monday, May 28, 2012

Farmer's Market Fresh

Don't you just love all the fresh fruit and vegetables that are available now? Me too. I took advantage of it this weekend. That might be because I actually cooked this weekend. I love simple, fresh meals.  
I don't always take the time to go to my Farmer's Market, but last week I stopped by on my way to a fun art class. This time of year, it's full of luscious inspiration. I really don't like asparagus, but HH does. I do know that skinny asparagus are supposedly the best. When I saw some, I grabbed a bundle and attempted my first batch of roasted asparagus. I drizzled a little Roasted Garlic Olive Oil from Temecula Olive Oil. It's good on just about anything. I roasted it for 10 minutes on 350* and then sprinkled with parmesan and roasted another 5 minutes for the cheese to melt. It was really good.  I might be a convert.
 I also made a wedge salad with tomatoes, bacon, gorgonzola and blue cheese dressing. 
There couldn't be an easier salad.
The best part was a rib-eye steak with the Smoke House rub from William-Sonoma. Obviously, neither was bought at the farmer's market. The rub is fabulous on all kinds of meat and poultry.
 For breakfast the strawberries I bought were perfect for french toast.
 The syrup is also from Williams-Sonoma.  It was part of a Christmas present.
See what I mean? So, so good! What did you make from your farmer's market?


  1. holy cow...i am salivating like crazy! it all looks so delish! unfortunately, our farmers market is not close by so i don't go very often :0(

  2. Mmmmm....that's my favorite way to eat asparagus. In fact, I roast a lot of different veggies these days. They seem so much tastier cooked that way.


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