Sunday, April 15, 2012

Women Who Count

I've shown you bits and pieces of the Women's retreat I've been coordinating.  We titled it Women Who Count since our speaker was talking about three women of the Bible that made their lives count for eternity. I chose a lavender and brown color scheme, sort of a rustic Spring thing. 
 We had great attendance.  Here are the sweet name tags, they had cute little pins with purple beads.
 I used Lavender centerpieces along with vintage bingo or flash cards.
 When they arrived they received a hand embellished journal for note taking.
They were all different, but here is an example.
We dressed up the tables for a lunch of fabulous Italian food. I used Cake place mats and my friend, Kathy, made little burlap silverware pockets embellished with coffee filter flowers.
The dessert was made with an amazing rosemary cookie dough and a cream cheese filling.  If I can get the recipe and pass it on, I will. 
 This is most of my team, but we missed one of us.  Thank you ladies!
We had a very lovely event and I think every lady that attended felt loved!


  1. I certainly wish I could have attended such a special event...

  2. Looks great, Karen..lots of love and planning went into that and it shows! (and I like how you just happened to color coordinate yourself as well!)

  3. An annual event, Karen? Very unique color scheme and I love how you interpreted everything. And looks like with your good team you didn't even need the latest treasure I found--Aveeda's Stress-fix lotion and bath salts scented with lavender and clary sage!

    Just noticed Buddy's cute mug on your sidebar. How is he doing in the new house? Adjusted yet?


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