Wednesday, April 18, 2012

With Brown Sugar?

I'm at the apartment this week and was looking for a quickie dessert that wouldn't be too much trouble or seriously heavy. I decided to buy a little angel food cake loaf and some strawberries. Don't you think that would be better than a double chocolate brownie mix? At least the strawberries have some redeeming value being a fruit serving. When I got to the apartment I noticed that my HH had no sugar. He did have brown sugar, however. So, I sprinkled brown sugar on the strawberries and we added a little dollop of whipped cream. OH MY GOODNESS. I may have to use brown sugar from now on. It was very delicious. Have you made strawberry shortcake this way?


  1. Mmmmm....That looks and sounds delicious. I'll have to try brown sugar next time. I bet it has a richer flavor than with white sugar.

  2. I can't wait to have some of our native strawberries. I will have to try them with brown sugar. I have tried it with sugranut....almost the same.

    Have a great weekend

  3. sometimes i sneek a big spoonful of brown sugar and let it slowly melt in my mouth......don't tell.

    strwberries are my fave fruit!



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