Saturday, April 21, 2012

Antiquing Again?

The theme for April's Matilda's Mouse sale was Mother's Day. Matilda had a wig on at one point, but it was so hot, that they kindly removed it.  She did wear her hat, pearls and apron for the portrait, though. She's cooperative like that. At least this month she wasn't painted pink!
 The entrance was lined with pretty aprons and linens.
They had an entire display of purple Transferware. It was so pretty. I don't have one speck of purple in my house. I understand that if I wanted to, I would "work it out", but I have ENOUGH ALREADY. I love the display, though.
 So cute!
 I thought about bringing home the croquet set for our sporty room. But didn't.

 My friend bought this beautiful crocheted lace.  There was lace everywhere!

 I know its fuzzy, but you should've seen the gorgeous layers of paint on this cabinet. 

When we arrived this bed had a beautiful tapestry pillow on it. Somebody must have loved it. We arrived Friday around 11:00 a.m., maybe.  The crowds had anticipated the heat and came early.  We managed to find a few treasures to bring home.  
Just a few.


  1. "just a few"? looks like a great place for junkin! can't wait to see what you found....

  2. I had to come take a better look then from my phone. Oh that bed!!!! I could feel like a princess in that one:)


  3. UGH! I can't believe I missed it AGAIN! Looks like a good one! :-)


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