Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fairy Gardens or Terrariums

 I spent last Saturday with my Aunt in Old Town Orange while the boys set up their Fantasy teams.
She took me to this little store that had A LOT going on.  They were having three classes at the time, one was planting a fairy garden. It was crazy busy and I thought the little gardens were really fun. A little girl of about 8 was having an especially good time with her Mom.
 I loved the pot that this class member chose. She was getting lots of compliments.
 This one was my favorite.

The smartest thing about this place is that you can buy 6 different tiny plants for $6. You pick your own combination.  Isn't that a great idea?  I've often looked for plants like this for terrariums and you have to buy 6 of the same kind of plant.  Who needs that?  I thought it was a very clever idea.  I'm more inclined to make a terrarium than a fairy garden.  Which would you make?
 Then we were off to Country Roads, my favorite antique mall in Orange. 
I found this fun bottle to bring home.
I've been searching for a fun table for awhile now, checking the thrift stores for a cheap but cute table for next to my wicker chair on the patio. I've had no luck. At the antique store, I found this very cute table with two shelves for $24! I thought that was a steal. It's okay in yellow, but I've been envisioning a red table here, so that's the plan.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. How fun! I've been wanting to make a fairy garden for a while. We saw some years ago at an herb garden place east of San Diego and recently I've seen them in magazines. I've been wondering where I could find cute miniature things to use in it and...like you said...a choice of appropriate plants without buying them in multi-packs. We pass by that little dragonfly shop all the time but never go in because it looks like it just has wind chimes and "stuff". Thanks for the tip! What a great find! I can't wait to go!

    What a great find and price on that little table! I've been keeping my eye out for little tables too but haven't found any bargains like that! I bet it'll look great in red!

  2. Great find on the little table, it would be pretty in red! Thanks for stopping by, Laura


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