Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ever So Slowly

I know you think nothing is going on over here. Technically, that's not true. But, progress does seems to be taking awhile. Progress is now in all the details. The big WOW factor should take place next week.  I hope. Meaning, we are possibly going to be finished with the front yard next week! That is, if the mulch is delivered by then. We're on the waiting list. Seems everybody is remulching (I guess that's not a word) these days.  
Most of the plants are teeny weeny.  It's so hard to be patient.
I'm also working toward our Spring Women's Retreat in two weeks. My girls (council) came over for a work day and we cranked out several journals.  Should've taken pictures, but I was busy working.
Buddy's wondering if it's all ever going to get done.Today I'm trying to get more done on the retreat and waiting to see HH. I haven't seen him in over 2 weeks! Tomorrow is going to be fun. I'll take my camera!

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  1. don't worry, the garden will grow in time...it will seem more finished when the mulch goes in. have fun tomorrow!


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