Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Discoveries

One of the good things about Pinterest and there are many, is that it leads you and me to new discoveries.  Maybe it's a new recipe, or craft.  Maybe it's a decorating idea or artistic inspiration.  I've been busy lately, but of course, there's a moment here or there to "Pin".  Here are a few new things I've found recently.

This pin,

Led me to this lovely blog, Home Grown Hospitality.  I love her art and how she incorporates her faith into it. I love how her lettering looks effortless but still so creative!

Here's another unique and original creation.

Seriously?  I think one of God's best gifts to the human race, is a tiny portion of His creativity.  This is so fabulous!  You can find Jessica, at Paper Stitch.

And, last, but not least, a gorgeous dessert recipe!  It is already strawberry season around here. Those lovely strawberry stands have popped up all over town. I whipped my little car up to one and came home with half a flat of HUGE, RED, JUICY STRAWBERRIES. I made my first batch of Strawberry Shortcake for my parent's visit. I think I'm going to have to try this amazing looking version with dark chocolate. Maybe real, real soon. Or is it, really, really soon? You too can make it and tell me what you think. The recipe is here. What have you discovered lately?


  1. Very inspiring, Karen! I'd love to do Pinterest, I am just wondering if I have the time. My daughter says she gets absolutely lost in in it! Maybe someday!


  2. I love the quote you posted at the top!


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