Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo A Day

I've been sporadically participating in February Photo A Day Challenge by FatMumSlim.  Thought I'd show you a few of my Instagram entries. Just as a disclaimer, I'm an Instagram Newbie.
 Day 1 - My View Today (on the way to the vet)
 Day 8 - Sun (rise)
 Day 9 - Front Door
 Day 10 - Self Portrait
 Day 11 - Makes Me Happy (caught him off guard :-/ )
 Day 12 - Inside My Closet (made the top one)
Day 15 - Phone (at the mall)

Looks like I need to get back on it.  It's been fun.  Are you participating?


  1. Back last year I participated in a 30 Day Good Photos Challenge and it really piqued my interest in taking better photos--each day a different assigned subject or technique. Is that how the Friday Photos work? Poor old Buddy--is he feeling better? Saw that he started out on a Monday morning sick.

  2. Sorry, Karen! I should have read a bit more carefully instead of just admiring the photos. You already answered my question. :-)

  3. cool pics! my fave is the "caught off guard" one. i likey your new header.


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