Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ones You Love

Spool wreath
I hope you all spent a wonderful Valentine's Day with the ones you love. I traipsed into the city to hang with my guy for a couple of days. I made my homemade Valentine's kind of at the last minute.  February creeped up on me somehow. My cards this year were VERY simple since I didn't have much time.  In fact, family members out of town will be getting theirs late. It's never too late to tell someone you love them, though, right?  Now, don't get me wrong, they hear it all the time from me.  I would show you said Valentine cards, but the photos are in my big camera that is still at the house.  It's a problem.  I'll have to show you in a couple of days. Does anybody out there make homemade Valentine's anymore?  Did you write a love letter to your sweetheart?  We went out to dinner and then our usual date spot, Barnes and Noble.  I saw this adorable wreath in the current Mollie Makes issue.  Very cute, isn't it? Should I dare say, plan ahead for next year? Nah, but I think I will "pin" it into my Valentine Board to keep track of it.  

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  1. I used to help my kids make their valentines...if that counts as making my own! You have to post yours when you have a chance. Sounds like you have a wonderful way of celebrating! :)



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