Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vacation Entertainment

Besides all the fun excursions we went on; fishing, snorkeling, swimming with sharks, petting stingrays, the spa and the beach, we had other great entertainment. We brought books and of course, I brought some socks to knit.

 There were kayaks,
long boats (not sure the official name),
and sail boats, to name a few.
 There was the occasional rain storm,

 A magnificent rainbow on another day.
 There was jumping off our deck.
for a little swim in the beautiful water.


  1. Okay, Karen! You've made me brush up on some geography. I now know where Bora Bora is located. I was in New Zealand a few years ago and still regret not getting to some of the South Pacific islands while in the area--since it's such a long flight.

    Anyway! I'm enjoying a vicarious visit to Bora Bora through your photos. How exotic this place is and it looks so peaceful. Did each couple have an individual hut? That would have been perfect. How are you faring with the sun burn? Serious ones can do such a number on your skin. Will look forward to the next photo collection.

    BTW, you seem to have traveled quite a bit. Have you visited Russia yet? I'm thinking of a river cruise there next year and am just starting to look at different tours.

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of someone (your hubby?) jumping into the water! Fun!


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