Monday, October 31, 2011

Heaven On Earth

Are you prepared for a weeks worth of beach pictures? A week full of aqua blue water, smooth sandy beaches, beautiful mountains and lots of smiles.  That's what you're in for if you come back to visit me this week. That's about all I have for you.  I'm going to relive my amazing vacation and stretch it out as long as possible.  Hope you don't mind.

 The view from our hut.
Yes, the water is this color.  I used no photoshop on these pictures.

 I finished two books.  Should've taken another one.
 A view of the neighbors.  They were evidently, Europeans, and didn't mind tanning in the buff. I really don't want to go into detail.
Our chilly plunge pool. So awesome! See you tomorrow for more!


  1. welcome back sweety!!! o.k....bring on the pictures! we can take it! i want to see everything...well, maybe NOT the naked neighbors. he he. it looks like the place i have pinned in my "bucket list" on Pinterest. could it be the same or do all of the resorts in bora bora look like this? wowza, what an amazing piece of paradise. you are so lucky!!!!

  2. The water color is unreal! Incredible! Beautiful! Wow! Wow! Wow! Can't wait to see more pictures. How awesome that you were able to go there. I've dreamed of going to a place like that since I was a little kid. :-)

  3. Oh, great! It worked Karen. Now I'll be back to enjoy scenes of Bora Bora--a place that I MAY not get to.


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