Thursday, September 15, 2011

Try, Try Again

I found this old, very old, ancient photo of me knitting at my Grandparents house probably about 4th grade or so.  I wish I had kept this up all these years.  I again took a knitting class in about 1986 when we lived for one year in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  Now that was a place to take up knitting!  Way back then, the knitting shop was so fabulous.  Which was unusual.  I was enthralled with fibers even then. I'll have to pull out the "lovely" fushia colored vest I made.  I know I have it somewhere.  Then I stopped knitting again.  Until about 2000, when skinny scarves came back with a vengeance.  I knew my girls would again, wear something I had made.  Since then I have been fairly consistent with my knitting.  Although, it has taken a back seat to moving and blogging.  Just think how amazing my talents would be if I had kept it up all the way from the 4th grade!  It's never too late to try, try again.  


  1. such a CUTE picture! i see you were sporting a darling short cut back then too...... i did not know you had dark brown hair.
    p.s. i left a comment on your last post, but i don't see it? hmmmm

  2. That's my girl! What a cutie. She didn't get her photogenic tendencies from her mother - that's for sure. She still has them and it's quite a few years later. ;0)


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