Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Creative Display

I love creative accessorizing.  My latest favorite is anything and everything that Joan does at 
For The Love of A House.  A Renovation Style Magazine issue just came out that features her home, along with fabulous photos.  

 You can't see if very well, but the urn in the hallway is filled with marble grapes.  Stunning in mass.
After seeing this I really want an abandoned wasp nest.  I'll keep my eyes open.  
Abandoned, though, to be sure! We certainly have the wasps out here in the country.
This makes me want to go hiking, well a little anyway. There is a beautiful photo of this in the magazine.
 Rope is big lately.  This is from BHG.
 I don't know where I got this photo, but it's photos like this that make me want to start new collections. Uh oh!  That's a problem.
Here's another one! Maybe if my Father had been a barber. My maternal grandfather was a pharmacist.  Maybe I need could collect mortar and pestle bowls. My paternal grandfather was a banker at one point in his career.  Maybe I should save money instead!  

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