Thursday, August 4, 2011

Choices, Choices

I went to the best place for fun knobs in search of the perfect choice for my new Entertainment Center. Well, Anthropologie, of course!  I brought home several to choose from, but the one I wanted the most was not in the store.  They had to be shipped to me.  Which they got wrong, so I had to reorder. So, now I have LOTS of knobs and will have to return many.  This one is the top contender that I couldn't see in person.
I think the brass and tarnish will look great with the gray bead board. We'll see.
Here is the knob in person.  It is white, not gray.  Sorry for the blurry picture.
I'm using my point and shoot and can't get a good clear picture of it.  
 These are the ones I brought home to try out.
The left yellow one probably won't work, but I do have other gold in the room.  
I had played with the idea of painting the bead board a pale gold color.
This middle one, Mother of Pearl, is in second place with it's brass, cream and hints of gray. I thought I'd also show you that I got a little inspiration from Joan at For The Love of a House for my cabinetry.
Isn't it beautiful?
I was already planning on the arched tops and the blue gray background, but her cabinet made me think to put the arch on the bottom as well.  I love it!  Thank you Joan!
Which one do you like?  I'll keep you posted on what I pick.


  1. I like the Parterre Knob the best. It's very different and has some nice details.

  2. I think your bottom arch is going to be perfect. i love your arches.

  3. use a variety of different knobs for a collected look.

  4. Mother of Pearl all the way. That knob drew me before I even knew it was in second place & I'm with Erin who posted above me. A collected design outweighs matchy matchy.


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