Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh What A Day, Part Two

 Here are some more loveliness from Matilda's Mouse.  Don't you just love the ribbons?

 Slice of a peak, set on it's side makes for a fun sail.

 There is so much to see.  Even in these photos I've noticed new things.
Don't you just love the handmade baseballs?  I wonder how those would hold up in a game?

You can't tell how fabulous this display was, but the colors were my favorite, red and turquoise!
 I love brown Transferware.  Wait, I love all colors of Transferware.
I just noticed the garden edging used on the curtain! Kathy, there's a spindle like we bought! Nope, there are two! I'll have to show you all what I bought on another post.
 My focus was wrong on this picture, but you get the idea.
 A fabulous two part barn door.  If I only had the place.
Beautiful roses said goodbye as we drove out to our next adventure.
Here is a little slice of country on our way to the Lavender Farm. We drove back and forth on this dirt road a few times before we finally found our destination, but we enjoyed the wildlife on our way.
Come back and visit the Lavender Farm tomorrow! 


  1. hi karen,
    looks like a fun time!! i love all your pictures, especially the mailbox shot and of course the lucious lavender with the bee!! i have been trying to "pin" the shot of the dovecotes...but it keeps saying that their server is overloaded. did you buy anything?

  2. Oh...this looks like a fun place to shop! And what a beautiful country road. I am looking forward to your next post!


  3. Your photographs are gorgeous. Of course I love antiques and various other lovely finds. The Eden roses are so sweet!


  4. I LOVE that brown transferware!!! I want it! Is this event over? I'd sure love to go. Where is the lavender farm? You are having way too much fun! :-D

  5. Thank you for the online window shopping ... looks like you came across a lot of nice treasures. I can almost smell the roses!


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