Thursday, April 7, 2011

Travel Gallery Wall

I worked on this wall above my desk for most of the day today.  I needed to add some of my collection of mirrors into it in order to add depth to this wall and as always, reflect the gorgeous views.  Here I'm showing you my laborious but tried and true technique to tape pieces of paper on the wall in order to tweak placement and get them hung right the first time.  Usually.
TA DA!  All finished.  There are actually only three paintings from our travels on this wall.  I'm planning on another gallery wall opposite this that will also include shelves, maps and "things".  On this wall are paintings from Dubrovnik, Croatia and Portofino, Italy.  At the top is a print from Bayreuth, Germany.  We've never been there, but my husband's family is originally from that town.  Day by day the house gets to be more like home.  Keep checking back for more progress.  

* If you love Gallery Walls check out Melissa's Gallery Wall party for more ideas!


  1. The wall looks great! I love your desk too--I wish mine were as clean and uncluttered. :-)

  2. How coincidental to see this post. I have been working on putting together a collage of photos for above my roll top desk. I like the idea of using the mirrors. Great idea.

    enjoy making your new house a home.

  3. Your gallery wall is very pretty. I love how you mixed the mirror with the paintings. Lovely!


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