Monday, April 11, 2011

Buddy's Wondering

Today, I'm working on ideas for a couple of Women's Ministries events coming up.  I love the creative part of this ministry.  I'm sure the details will show up here eventually.  I'm also working on hanging more pictures.  I'm hoping to have my first family portrait wall, with style of course, in this house.  But, I thought it might make you smile to see Buddy today. He's not used to the lizards that are all over the place.  Makes for lots of barking and whining.  He was actually being obedient in this photo and quietly watching the little guy very, very closely.  


  1. buddy is so cute!! are those underpants he's wearing?

    your new place is coming along...i hope you are able to enjoy it, now that the move is behind you.

    happy new week to you,



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