Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Unexpected Resource. . .

I was toodling around on the inner workings of this blog this morning trying to figure out something technical. I have to do it the hard way, figure it out on my own, (I still haven't), when I ran across the Stats tab.  It was very interesting. Evidently the most read post on my blog is about the paint colors I've used in my home.  It's entitled Favorite Paint Colors.  This was funny to me, but as I was reading through the long ago post, I realized that it was the answer to a very current problem I'm having.

Because we're moving soon, we've removed some items that are "attached" to our home, so that the prospective buyers won't want to keep them.  So, my beautiful custom kitchen draperies have been removed and replaced with some pretty Pottery Barn panels.  

Sorry, this is the best photo I could come up with.  You can see a post about them here.
My bedroom ceiling fan has been removed, and a chandelier has been replaced with the builder grade one.  The most recent removal was my FAVORITE vanity mirror from Restoration Hardware.  I love it.  
Fancy hotels have these and they make such a big difference in make-up application.  Well, taking it out was not such an easy task.  See my Hunky Husband's smiling face on my sidebar?  Well, it wasn't so smiley last weekend.  Anyway, the quest to match the paint was on.  As you can see, I have several cans of blue paint, all varying degrees of tints.
Evidently I like blue, a lot. In order to cover the patched spots that occurred with the removal of the mirror I had to match the paint.  Well, Benjamin Moore's Silver Mist did not prove to be the correct color.  Looks like the closest match is Sherwin Williams Waterfront Blue.  Although it's a bit faded from time.  I never thought an old blog post would help me remember the colors of my walls.  Next time, label all paint cans! 

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  1. who knew blogging would be so helpful to you in that way? you are your own resource! We just found out today that we can move into our new house next Friday. I'm giddy right now!
    Keeping up on your move.


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