Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well there will be no toys in our boxes. Well maybe, really old ones and expensive ones like electronics and motorcycles. We do have to do the packing ourselves this time. We have moved something like 12 times in our 30 year marriage. Almost all of them have been at the request of the "company". This time, it's all our own doing. While I am really excited about our new place and the potential it holds.  I'm not so excited about doing the packing myself. This will definitely be an opportunity to purge, edit and just TOSS. Moving has a way of doing that. It is, however, difficult to come up with a great photo of a moving truck or boxes. I thought this one was perfect. This cute moving box was found here.  I only hope I can enjoy the process this much.  


  1. Yea!! You got the house!! Looking forward to all the fun you are going to have and hoping you'll share it with us!

  2. I'll take your pasta machine and piano music. ;)

  3. How exciting, Karen. Glad the house came through for you. Moving though? I've had practice in doing my own and most practical advice is make up a gazillion box labels: Room, contents, check fragile if applies. Print different colored labels for each room. Makes unloading a lot less chaotic. Not as clever as the above moving box, though!

  4. oh i am so happy, sweety!! not only are you moving to that super cool house, but i see your dad is doing well!! phew! i am sure you are relieved on both counts? your poor mother though, having to do all the driving.....well, you are going to be busy with all your purging and packing! best of luck with all of that.

  5. Congratulations on the purchase of that beautiful house! I'm sure you will make it a "home" in no time. Like you, we moved a lot and the first 13 were at someone else's effort and expense. The 14th,a move from MI to Hemet,CA,was at our expense and my effort! Packing a household for a cross-country move was no small effort, but one thing I can't stress enough is to label, label, label! That one small thing, like a vital cord or a favorite pillow that you are sure you will remember that you stuffed into the box with garage or bathroom things, will frustratingly elude you. Our last,and I hope final, move - #15 in 40 years of marriage - was again cross-country from CA to AL,the home of our only grandchildren. :-) Was packing that time easier? Well, yes and no, but it still was a job! Good luck and I wish you much happiness in your new abode. :-)

  6. Thanks Karen for your sweet and encouraging comments. I stopped in to catch up and I see there is much to catch up on! How exciting for you and how funny is it that we seem to be living paralell lives as far as this moving thing goes. May God pour out His rich blessings on you as you go through the 'stuff" that is collected as we live our lives and may this move go easy for you as you are doing the packing yourself. Blessings, T


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