Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Landscape Inspiration

 I LOVE this setting.
 Gravel will be for mulch and decomposed granite pathways.
Grasses are beautiful when they are blowing in the wind.
 I don't love this fountain, it's too contemporary for me, but I do love the setting.
There is a lot of pea gravel planned.
I love the crazy mix of materials here.

We're hoping to have an outdoor fireplace, someday.
This may be a little lush for our new area, but some of the plants are the same.  I love the pathway.
I love this fountain.
All photos courtesy of Sunset Magazine. I've spent quite a bit of time going through all my gardening books and the internet looking for ideas to give our landscape architect. These are the photos I found today at Sunset. There are others in books, that maybe sometime I'll have to scan. We need our property  to seriously conserve water and be low fire hazard. There will be no grass. Buddy won't care. He prefers the gravel in our side yard now better than the grass. This way we won't have to keep repairing the burn spots or spend a lot of money watering it.  We will have to have a protected area for Buddy so the local critters won't be able to get at him. That would be bad, very bad.

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