Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Etsy Temptations

One of my favorite places to shop is Etsy. It's SO convenient! Which can get me into trouble. I gave into temptation a little recently. Thought I'd share, so maybe you could be a little tempted too. Seriously I had good reasons!
I really needed more coasters. My Bible Study ladies, all 19 of them, have to have safe places to put their drinks. I've been meaning to make some, but you know how that goes and goes and goes. So, I let somebody else do it. Aren't they pretty?  They're perfect.
This little cutie was a pure, unadulterated, for no good reason, impulse buy.
Mine is orange/red and so very cute on this here laptop I'm on. 
I found myself in need of a clock in my sewing room.  A digital one would never do.
{lucky fiona}
Then of course, there's Buddy.  He "needed" a fancier collar than the Harley Davidson "bad to the bone" one that he wears these days.  I'll have to have him model it. Be careful next time you head over to shop.  


  1. So you have been bitten by the Etsy bug!! They need more recognition!! Love all your great buys!


  2. There's so much creativity on Etsy. I love browsing. If I spent the time on there loading up my own etsy shop as I do browsing and buying, I'd have a full shop and maybe make your faves list too. Thanks for turning me on to some new shops.

  3. hi karen! your purchases are great...i have never shopped on etsy, but i think it's such a fantastic thing, not just for the buyers, but also for the sellers...a lot of which are stay at home mommies. looks like you had fun time at disney and the nut farm. your daughter is adorable, hubby too!

  4. Such fun finds! And...a cuckoo clock too! :-D


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