Sunday, October 17, 2010

Busy Weekend

 I had a very busy weekend.  Started off at the Nut Farm, which at this time of year turns into a wonderful family place to pick pumpkins, pet animals, buy yummy goodies and take lots of photos. Our church's Women's Ministry sponsored an event for our families.

Today, again, our Women's Ministry team sponsored a few of us in the Komen Race/Walk for the Cure.  

There were so many participants, that it was difficult to walk very fast. It was a very good weekend!


  1. Busy, busy! I loved the images from the Nut Farm! Such fun, great colors and kids with baby animals ... hard to beat that! Congratulations to your group and the Komen race.

  2. The Nut Farm looked like so much fun! Hopefully we get a chance to get the kids out to the pumpkin patch! Congrats on the walk, I have done those a couple times and they are so inspiring! Hopefully you get some rest today! :)


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