Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

{country living uk}
It would be really lovely to think that by spinning, I'm leisurely riding around on my bicycle enjoying the beautiful Fall weather.  It could also be that I'm taking a stab at spinning my own yarn. That's another skill set that I don't think I'm going to delve in to.  Instead, by spinning, I'm referring to the ever present list of things to do and the never reaching conclusion of it all.  I am my own worst enemy in this regard.  I'm trying to make a commitment to myself, NO NEW PROJECTS. I could actually put a time frame on that, but then I'd really have to stick with it. 
A year? No way. 
Three months? Possible. 
A week?  Hopefully doable.  
Any new projects started have to be already in my possession or I have the materials to make them already.  That in itself could be a problem.  It's all about baby steps, right? Maybe I'll actually have some finished projects for you to see one of these days.  

My friend Cheryl from Acorn to Oak has been a champion of finishing projects using her stash.  Has anybody else been successful?  I know, I need to JUST DO IT!

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  1. It's funny how the list never really seems to shrink even when I do finish things. It seems like I'm always adding more than I'm checking off. I do love the feeling of making something with materials I have. Somehow it adds an extra measure of joy and satisfaction. :-)


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