Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pottery Barn Purchase

When I get a new Pottery Barn catalog, I love to see what's new.  But, somehow, I always want the items that aren't for sale.  See that big bowl with the hurricane inside?  The hurricane is for sale, but not the fabulous big bowl.  I need to do more large impact accessorizing.  
I LOVE the wonderful stack of old suitcases!  I have two.  It's going to take awhile. 
I found a fabulous big wine bottle not too long ago.  But a Mercury Glass wine bottle?  LOVE IT! Does anybody ever look at mirrors in photographs to see if all the photography equipment shows up?  I know, I'm strange.  They usually to a great job of cleaning up the photo.  They've obviously thought of that.  
You can see this much better in the catalog, but on the mantle is a HUGE platter.  At least that's what it looks like.  Where do they find these things?

What a fantastic idea this chalkboard globe is.  I suppose someone just painted a globe with chalkboard paint and then drew on the continents.  Very fun!
Today I went looking for a new table lamp and came home with this lovely one.  Unfortunately, you can't see the base.  I bought the lampshade below which looks much better than the one they show it with.  
Pottery Barn, you make my day.


  1. love your new lamp and shade! oh and...I ALWAYS look in the mirrors to see the photo equipment...funny.

  2. I love Pottery Barn too! And, yes, I always look for reflections of the camera equipment too. lol I love that hurricane in the pottery. I may have to do that! I love the lampshade choice you made. I imagine it looks a lot better than the white one. So many cool things! I'm always finding things in stores and catalogs like that...stuff I want that's not for sale!

  3. It must be fantastic to be able to shop at Pottery Barn or even just get ideas from the catalog, your new lamp is lovely.
    Thanks for a virtual look at the PB catalog.

  4. Oh Pottery Barn, yes, it's a gift to read through it. Love the lamp and shade.

  5. this is so awesome, i love the chalkboard globe. i chalkboard-painted a small globe...but it take so much to make a room that fantabulous; i also only have two suitcases for my collection so far. And I ALSO wonder how photogrpahers edit out the reflection of their photo in mirrors etc....(but only as it occurs to me)
    the lamp shades do indeed rock.
    Coolio blog!.


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