Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nell Hill's Visit

I visited Nell Hill's at Briarcliff Village today.

I absolutely love the ottoman below.

They always do a lovely job of galleries picture arrangements.
I really wanted to take this lamp home.  I love it, but not the price. It was beautiful!

She had several things in Indigo blue.  The ottoman was wonderful.  I need one similar, but a rectangle, not a huge square.  The pillows above would go lovely at my house, but left without buying anything. Strange, I know! Basically because everything I wanted was BIG.  Big and lovely.  Nell Hill's is definitely a great place to shop for your home.  Tomorrow I'll show you some yarn shops I visited.


  1. It was nice to have a peek in the shop, Karen. I have a few of Carol's books but have never seen the inside of her store. It sounds like the prices are high but her pieces are quality. I love the lamp, too and the blue and white ottoman. Of course, it would engulf my living room!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!


  2. Wonderful!!! What color were those walls. So soothing and they made everything else pop.
    Such a great store.

  3. oh me...oh my! LOVE!! really like all the wall symmetry! and those ottomons...hello, come to mama..........

  4. I have been really wanting to go to Nell Hill's! The pictures you took are fabulous and make it even harder to live 12-14 hours away!
    I agree the ottoman is gorgeous! I have a similiar one chosen for my new living room!

    I am so glad I found your blog!
    It's just been wonderful visiting you today!
    I am your newest follower and can't wait to see your future posts!
    I am going to do some old post diving in a minute!
    Have a blessed weekend!


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