Monday, July 19, 2010

Love me some Curious Sofa

One thing about the IPhone, is that it is definitely handy when you go to your favorite store having forgotten your much loved, digital camera.  But, seeing as how the good digital camera is kind of bulky, the IPhone fits the bill.  Except when it takes blurry pictures which are not the greatest blogging pictures.  But, at least you get to have a taste of what Curious Sofa looked like today.  There were two things that I regret not taking photos of, but I won't go into detail because it might make you regret that you weren't with me.  You can still visit Debbie and her gang here and at her blog here.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit Mary Carol Garrity's newest store in the Kansas City area, Nell Hill's Briarcliff.  Let's see if I remember my camera tomorrow. 


  1. KAREN! thanks for the peek, but i can't believe you forgot your camera, cause you know I want to see curious sofa!! i-phone worked pretty good though. wish i was there! did you buy anything? now, don't forget your camera tommorrow :0)

  2. How fun! Can't wait for tomorrow's post. It's like shopping from my patio all the way from California! Have fun!

  3. I already DO wish I were with you! I pretty much would like to be your shadow...all the time! I'm so glad you get to do what you like, Karen; you do it so well!

  4. Every time you post pics of this place, I think that I could just move in. Please show pics of the new store too.


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