Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thrift Store Creativity

I went to the thrift store today. It was very empty. I was afraid it was closing, but evidently I missed a huge sale. What I came away with was a piece of gingham and two men's shirts. I thought I could make something fun out of them, maybe an apron or a tote. I'm not sure.

At our store, sometimes things arrive with problems. The companies usually send you a new one and tell you to throw it away. Here's an interesting little clock that I rescued from the possible trash bin. The glue around the face was MESSED UP. 

I've taken it apart and need to come up with some fun idea for it.  It even has a little drawer for stashing things.

This bird picture in the little cage had broken glass.  I think I might hang it from the mirror.
I forgot to show you this footstool I redid recently. I got it at an auction with some chairs. I really needed a footstool for my poofy chair. So, I painted it off-white and gave it new foam and fabric.  
My legs are very happy now.  
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  1. The birdcage reminds me of a trick my friend used to do. She removed the cages and then hung lovely ferns from the cage hook. Very nice in the sun room. Your poufy chair and footstool looks like a perfect spot to get lost among the pages of a good book.

  2. I've been looking for some birdcages and, for me, they need to be affordable. I just love the look.

    I'm inspired by all of your projects and my first thought with that clock was vintage paper decoupage (of course)

    Have a wonderful day,

  3. Those are lovely,how creative , Fantastic bench and I love your toss pillows!!!

  4. Lots of cool stuff! I really like the yellow fabric in that one shirt!

  5. karen...you creative thing you! love all your finds and footstool turned out great (of course). maybe you could use the clock frame to store plastic grocery bags? but you probably use hand sewn cute bags when you shop? we collect the plastic bags for kitty litter disposal, but usually i do use canvas bags. usually. if i remember.

  6. I think the yellow shirt pattern and colors are great. Love your toss pillows on the sofa. The collection of bird things is nice too!

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  7. I love your new footstool! Red,white and blue are my favorite colors. Looks like the perfect spot!

  8. Congratulations on the work you did with our footstool. It's so neat and I love the colours. I also love the pillows on your sofa!

    Have a lovely Friday Karen.

  9. Thank-you so much loved everything you did and what a nice family I'm a quilter and love cottage style. I call my style hawaiian cottage living. aloha from hawaii


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