Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Finds

The days have been pretty busy around here lately. There hasn't been any creativity going on. So, no knitting or sewing to show you.  My impending giveaway is still on the sewing table. But, I have done a little antique shopping and wanted to show you my new treasures. I found the flashcards above at a local antique store. I may have to go back and look through them all. I even gave one away already, it was my boss' first name.  She loved it.  
A month ago we were visiting family in Kansas City.  I had to make my yearly visit to Curious Sofa.  I only came away with three little treasures.  I absolutely loved this big butterfly.  He's made out of leaves and feathers.  

This one looks kind of cute on a Wendy Addison easel I bought there also.  
I found this fun box full of tailor's chalk at a barn sale last Saturday.  

This pretty ironstone pitcher had to come home with me. She has a lot of company here.  I love ironstone pitchers!
I was going to try to have you guess what this contraption is, but I obviously photographed the label. So, nevermind. I wish I had bought both of them. I may have to return next month. Oh shoot!  I bought one more biggish thing that is really fun, but will have to show you that another day when it's in just the right spot! Thanks for stopping by today.  


  1. I LOVE the butterfly! I could never walk away from that! It looks good on the easel. I didn't catch the name of the thingamajig! And...I have always wanted to go to a barn sale. Lucky you!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  2. What great finds! I especially love the butterfly, the easel and the ironstone pitcher! How fun!

  3. Oh my gosh that butterfly is too cute I don't know if I can handle it!

  4. I love the butterfly! I still don't know what the contraption is even with the label on it!!!

  5. That butterfly and easel are divine. Love that.
    Always love your elegant posts. Hopefully you'll find time to be creative soon.


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