Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ta Da!

Here's my little project I've been working on for the Flea Market tomorrow.

I used only materials that I had already. Didn't buy a thing. Not ONE thing. Just goes to show you how much stuff I have to use "some day". Well here you go, that day came. 

I used linen from my daughter's bedspread that I made here. The scraps of fabric are from pillows made for the family room below. I made the flower a few months ago from a felted sweater that I bought at a thrift store. It really didn't turn out for what I had originally planned, so I thought I'd add it to my tote.  I like it.  

I'll let you know how the tote works out at the Rose Bowl Flea Market!  
Come back to see what treasures I find.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Looks like a real contender! See you in the morning! Smiles, H

  2. Karen~~

    The tote is fantastic!! I love all the pretty embellishments but most of all, the felted flower. That seems to be the focal point. And I love the birds and nest...did you embroider that? Oh, I just love it!! And BTW, your living room is lovely!!

    Good luck! :-)


  3. I love your tote, the colors, the fabric choices and embellishments. How fun! :)

    I thought we had a lot in common, and this will crack you up. I have been working on a project for the "Made It With What I Had" blog party on the 16th (see my sidebar), and I have been using red embroidery thread, red velvet ribbon, and scraps of fabric for a little quilt thingy! Hope my things turn out as great as your tote!

    Have a happy day,

  4. Ta Da is right!!I love it,,so, so sweet!! Your attention to detail just shows all the love you put into this darling bag! O.K. I have not seen a garter clip for the longest time...glad that fashion statement is over (but an adoreable vintage addition to the bag)! I love how you made something so beautiful and didn't spend a thing. Isn't that satisfying. Are you selling your tote or just toting it? I would buy it!Thank you so much for visiting me and becoming a follower. I have mixed feelings about that darn gadget, but apparantly thats the only way some have of coming back to your blog?? your hair cut! so cute! Happy Sunday!

  5. There is just nothing more fun than repurposing - especially if the finished product ends up sooo cute! Beautiful job!

  6. What a beautiful bag! It's too lovely to use. I'd hang it on the wall. Thank you, you've inspired me to make one myself.

  7. Your bag turned out great! So cute. Looking forward to seeing what you come home with from the Flea.
    Also, thanks for the encouraging words you left on my blog!

  8. What a great bag! I hope the Rose Bowl Flea Market was great.

    Your blog is always interesting and beautiful and I nominated it for the Kreative Blogger award on my post today.


  9. Really , really cute tote bag! I LOVE the redwork nest embroidery.


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