Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Last night was my second attempt at making this adorable little cheese ball. That's the name of the recipe, it is not pumpkin flavored, just in case you wondered. He was very tasty and quite the hit with my guests.  There's probably only a third of him left. You can find the recipe for him in the Coming Home with Gooseberry Patch cookbook. I first attempted it here. Sorry, no photos of that one, it basically was a dip, not a pumpkin.
I also attempted baked Granny Smith apples, without a recipe. What else does there need to be other than apples, walnuts, brown sugar and a little honey? While they were good, they probably could've been so much better. Hmmm, I may have to try that again. What are you making today?


  1. The pumpkin cheeseball will be a big hit at a party we are going to this weekend! Did you use a real stem??

    The apples look good. I wonder what you didn't like...

    Thanks for the ideas, Karen!!


  2. I'm passing that pumpkin cheesball idea on to a foodie friend of mine. Love apples done that way. I haven't done that for a while.
    Great ideas


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