Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ina Rocks Two

After making the Brownie Pudding on Saturday from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics, I perused through the book a little further. I came across this yummy sounding salad. I had almost all the ingredients already and it looked interesting.  I never really though I'd post alot of recipes here, but this week I just can't resist. Well, I'm not actually posting the recipes, but you know what I mean.  Back to the salad.
This is one of those recipes that inhibits good conversation at the dinner table. Instead of remembering to take a picture of the beautiful salad first, I just dove in. During dinner about all that was said was, "this is SO good" or "this is amazing". What wouldn't be good about arugula, granny smith apples, bacon, craisins, toasted walnuts and blue cheese? Don't even think about putting a bottled dressing on it. The dressing is SO GREAT!  
This is the result.  Practically licked clean.  Nope, no left overs at all.  Served with crusty bread. It was perfect.

I forgot to add that I made a marvelous dessert to top it all off. I cut a fresh peach in half, sprinkled with brown sugar.  Warmed it in a 350 degree oven till the sugar melted and served with vanilla ice cream. I got the idea somewhere recently. If it was you, I'll be happy to give you credit. Just let me know. A M A Z I N G!!!


  1. Well, I can't take credit for giving you the peach idea, but I can't imagine how I missed reading about BROWNIE PUDDING. Ummm....

    this salad looks fab, too. I have that cookbook of Ina's ... I need to go thru it again!

    I cut up peaches, put on a small amount of brown sugar, and microwave them till they are shiny and sweet -- and serve them with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I do the same with blueberries but with white sugar ... it's my dad's favorite dessert when he comes for dinner.

    Best ... Cass

  2. This salad sounds wonderful!! I have to get this cookbook (I've been watching the new show). I have Barefoot In Paris and it is amazing how doable her recipes are!!

    I am going to do the peach dessert. Somehow, with fruit in it, it sounds healthy!! lol!!

    I like your blog, Karen and you are too funny!!


  3. I just wanted to let you know that I just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying getting to know you very much! Twyla

  4. Bonjour Karen,
    Well, I made Ina's Brownie pudding for dessert last night, wow! It is very intense, sooooooooo chocolate"y", didn't have the framboise but did have a vanilla pod.
    I served it with vanilla ice cream (not home made, think it might need cream too next time!
    Oh! the calories. Can you see the kilos piling on?
    a bientot
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  5. Hi Karen Sue-Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you. Your right, not many of us Karen Sue's around. I do have a friend I had know for about 15yrs before I heard her husband calling her Karen Sue! We were both surprised. I enjoyed looking at your blog. Have a good Friday.

  6. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love the brownie pudding recipe and am going to try it this weekend. The Barefoot Contessa's recipes are always yummy. Also, the pics at Disney are so nice - you'll have to go back in 15 or 20 more years and repeat. Have a great weekend, Leah


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