Monday, August 17, 2009

Stash Socks

I pulled this beautiful Koigu KPPM out of my stash when I finished my DH's Thinking Cap that he is using on his backpacking trip.  I needed a new project.  So, why not a new/old project?  It's always better to use yarn from your stash than buying new yarn, right?  AS IF I haven't been buying new yarn. I started these socks SEVERAL years ago.  I read some "good" advice that prompted me to use smaller needles than the pattern called for in order to keep the socks from being too big.  Welp, they sure weren't big.  So, they got frogged (rip, rip, rip).  And there they sat.  For years.
Now I just need to remember which daughter picked this out so long ago.


  1. I love these socks! This pattern has been in my Ravelry faves for a while now. It was fun to see it in person on Friday. I might have to move it to my Ravelry queue!

  2. Ooh, so pretty. I would love to learn to knit (will you teach me?). I do like to crochet and always have a project going. But something about those needles clicking together that makes me yearn to knit. Hope it's a great day for you!


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