Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun Finds

I left work yesterday and decided to take a detour.  I did some fun shopping.  First stop was the thrift store.  I actually only had about 30 minutes before they closed.  I managed to find some treasures pretty quickly.  

Here are three plates that I found.  I've been thinking that I needed some all white plates.  I have 3 sets of blue and white plates that I mix up.  But, blue doesn't work so well at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Well, I take that back.  I like blue for Christmas.  Anyway, these plates made it home with me.  They were only $1 a piece.  

Look at these fantastic patterns!  I'm thinking they're from the 60's.  I haven't found a date on them yet.  I also haven't looked too terribly hard.  And don't ask what I'm going to do with them.  At the moment, I have no idea.  I have seen a lot of fun art done with patterns.  I have such trouble cutting up things like this for other projects, though.  We'll see.  In the mean time, I'm going to just look at them, or sit them on my sewing table pile.  They were only 25 cents a piece! 

These books came home also.  They're gardening books and they have pretty covers.  What more do you need?  They were only $1 a piece till I reached the checkout and discovered books were half price yesterday.  So One Dollar for two hard back, in great condition, pretty colored books.  
Not a bad shopping trip for $6.53, I don't think.  I went from there to the knitting store where I caught up with my knitting friends and touched all the beautiful yarns.  Then on to reality at the grocery store.  It was a fun little diversion.  Check in with Rhoda at Southern Hospitality if you'd like to see what other bloggers found while treasure hunting.  


  1. How funny that we both posted fun finds on the same day! I love those plates! You got a lot for $6.53. I'm sorry to hear I missed you at the yarn shop again last night. I must have arrived after you left. Have a terrific weekend! :-)

  2. Great finds! Love vintage fun and interesting they are! :) ~Rhonda

  3. Good day thrifting! I really like the books....I love old books too but when they have a great title like Growing Flowers its a MUST.....Gorgeous plates :)

  4. Oh my! I'm jealous of your plates. Great find at a super price. Love the books too.

  5. Oh how I love old gardening books! And you can never go wrong with ironstone. Great finds!

  6. WOW, a couple of other people got some white dishes too and another lady got some vintage paterns also...I am seeing a theme here :)
    Great finds.

  7. Those patterns are fabulous! I'd wear some of those designs :)

  8. Hi, Karen, I just LOVE those ironstone plates. I would be all over those too, since I collect white dishes. Nice books too, thanks for playing today.


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