Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love these sweet herb images from Country Home.  I've always wanted a beautiful herb garden.  I began my first herb garden in a wooden box found on an early morning run (back in the olden days) on trash day.  Since then I've had many pots and plots.  In our little yard now, they're in whiskey barrels that I sometimes forget about.  But, thanks to automatic sprinklers, they survive without much TLC.  

Basil is probably my favorite.  I love pesto, but you need ALOT of basil to make it.  
Chives is probably one herb that I use the most.  Who doesn't like chives in their baked potatoes?  
I actually have 4 Rosemary bushes at the moment.   Out here in SoCal, they're part of my regular landscaping.  I just cut back two of them and filled up the "green" dumpster.  The other two are slated for next week.   
I grow herbs to cook with mainly.  And, I don't seem to do that enough.  They are definitely charming and aromatic plants.  I think they'd be worth growing just for sweet little arrangements like these.  It think I'll go pick a bunch. . . 


  1. The Hubby and I were just talking this weekend about getting a mini herb garden going and he makes such wonderful pesto and puts it on Salmon and grills it. So good.
    I think herbs and containers are so great for decorating too. Love the little pots and containers.
    Have a great Monday.

  2. Beautiful inspiration photos! You are right! It really does take a ridiculous amount of fresh basil to make some pesto!!



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