Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fabulous Food

I just made this really great salad for dinner.  In fact, I'm still eating it as I type.  The greens are Arugula, which is seriously my favorite salad green.  I steamed some green beans, sliced some strawberries and green onion.  Topped it with blue cheese, some shredded Asiago and pine nuts.  Actually, I forgot to add the pine nuts until half-way through the salad, so they aren't in the photo.  I topped it all off with my favorite bottled dressing, Newman's Own Low Fat Sesame Ginger Dressing.  I was going to make lemon vinegarette, but was hungry.  How is it that I can NEVER spell that right the first time? Actually, I think there's more than one way to spell viniagrette.  Just checked Websters.  It's really too bad that I'm eating this all alone tonight. DH would've liked it.  I think he's at the Smithsonian tonight, poor guy.

I forgot to post a recipe that I made last week for incredible pork tenderloin.  It was Fig and Blue Cheese Stuffed Pork Tenderloin from Cooking Light.  You can get the recipe here.  This was so easy to make and turned out great enough for company.  I have another tear sheet from Cooking Light that gave some other great combinations; apricots and brie or cranberries and chevre.  They all sound fabulous!

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