Monday, April 13, 2009

Dorm Room Decor

My DD2 is going to have her own dorm room next Fall.  No more sharing, at least for now.  She's got several of these items already for her room, but will now be able to do it her way.  She has lovely posters like Audrey, Marilyn and James Dean.
We've thought about using this beautiful decal from singlestonestudios on  

Both of these curtains are from Target.  The damask pair has chandeliers on them.  It's difficult to see from this picture.  They're not my favorite, but would tie in well with the decal. DD2 especially loves polka dots, so the first pair are her favorite.  
She already has this desk, in a smaller version.  I love the legs they are silver with a white top.  It is from Ikea.
She has this side table, also from Ikea.  

The only thing we probably need to work on is bedding.  She has to first decide whether to go with aqua (her room at home is Tiffany Blue)as seen in this post, pink or lime green.  Personally I think she should do something different and go with a light pink.  We'll see what she decides.  But, I'm always up for redecorating!


  1. Great design plan, I love it.

  2. I ADORE those table legs! I think I am going to buy them! And that little black table is the BEST I have a couple of them outside in my gardens. Ooooh you inspire me to shop with this post!


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