Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Farmer's Wife

I've been showing you some of our local stores.  I haven't shown you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE.  This store is so great that I actually started working here a few months ago.
We carry Pandora and Troll, Silver Spoon, Waxing Poetic Jewelry and the very popular Pick Up Sticks Charms.  
There are lots of wonderful home decor items.  This table is ready for Spring.
We recently started carrying the Cavallini paper products.  They are SO BEAUTIFUL!
We carry "Lucky Brand" clothing and purses, "PeaceLoveMom" shirts and "San Diego Hat Company."  Don't you love the wonderful windmill blades?

This display carries k.hall toiletries and candles.  We carry many other products including Archipelago Botanicals.
We also carry many unusual books which are great for gifts.  Not shown are Vera Bradley and Byers' Choice carolers, Rosy Rings candles.  Whew, there's just too many wonderful things to list.  
There is a lot more that I didn't mention or show in the pictures.  Come in for a visit to The Farmer's Wife, 28459 Old Town Front Street, Temecula, California.  We're right next to Starbucks!


  1. Lovely..This reminds me of the Dutch Valley Gift Market near the furniture store where I used to get to work. Play really. I loved working there. I can see you just thriving in that environment. It was so hard not to bring things home.


  2. Beautiful! Must be so fun...and tempting.. to work there!


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