Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowflakes and Santa

My snowflake tree may be a slight bit crooked, (see previous post) but, it's still beautiful. You can see that I love the combination of red and light blue. And, no, I didn't crochet the snowflakes. I can barely crochet. I got these big ones from Nell Hill's in Atchison, Kansas. If you live anywhere within driving distance, you should definitely go. It's incredible all year, but especially before Christmas. Mary Carol Garrity is the owner and she is so genuine and sweet. Buy and book and she'll autograph it for you. She's written 4 or 5, I think.

This adorable little girl was made by a friend in Illinois. Her head bobbles. I had them made with two brunette girls for my Mom and MIL one year.


  1. The snowflakes are simply beautiful, your tree looks wonderful. xv

  2. very nice! cute dog too! hee hee
    Have a Merry Christmas

  3. Lovely! Our Christmas tree is quite crooked this year too! Makes me love it even more (think I secretly always want the charley Brown tree)

    The snowflakes are gorgeous!


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