Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Clean Counters

I thought I'd show you a couple of more "spots" around my home. In case you're not familiar with this board, it's original purpose was to post the hymn numbers that were to be sung in church on Sunday morning. It would also possibly tell you how many were in church the previous Sunday. I love to use it to display family photos. I also have the numbers that fit. So, I made a sign to add to it to count down the days till Christmas. It obviously needs to be updated. There are only 10 days left, at least for a few more minutes. I have a lovely Fitz & Floyd Santa pitcher that I display on my island. My Bible Study had an ornament exchange tonight and the mess was cleaned up enough for me to take a picture. Since it has to look good from all sides, I've included my view from the sink. In the background you can see some of my collection of State plates from the states we've lived in, and there are several. See my Vera napkins that I posted about earlier? I actually had the ladies use them tonight. They were afraid to.

We downsized when we bought this house. One thing we did away with was the dining room. We only used it for Holidays. My plan is to get a larger kitchen table. Problem is, I love this little one. So, this is my only table at this point. The table runner is from Williams Sonoma a few years ago. This picture doesn't really do it justice. I love the old wooden bowl with a mixture of pine cones, nuts, old and new ornaments.
Thanks for stopping by. Come back and visit, we're going to be doing some baking!


  1. cheer me up and post a picture of the mess you make when you do your baking;-)

    I've been baking too and making candy!

  2. I love all your decorations, but your stairs take the cake - they look sooo beautiful!!!

    thanks for the comment. and have a Merry Merry!!!

  3. I love the hymnboard! What a great idea! I will be on the lookout for one for myself! Thanks for the idea!

    I also really, really want an old wooden church pew for my hallway. If I had both that and them hymnboard, someone might think I robbed a church!

  4. Very pretty table runner and I love Buddy! Very cute!

  5. Oh how I love the old church sign. What a wonderful idea and I will deffinately be waiting for the day our church updates. What a treasure to have in your home! Thanks for stopping by my sight as well and your lovely comments.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas


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