Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Staircase Love

These are a couple of my FAVORITE staircase pictures. You can tell by the last picture that I have hung pictures similarly. But, I'm now trying to decide what color to paint these walls. I love this blue. But I always gravitate toward this blue. This picture is from California Homes magazine. This staircase is very neutral, but I think it's beautiful. I'm sure its the combination of wood floor, black accents and gilt frames. I also love the toile and checked fabrics in the living room. This picture is from Better Homes & Gardens, 2004.
Here's my staircase. Of course, the photography isn't nearly as good. There are no rays of sunlight streaming down and bouncing off the beautiful wood floors. Maybe someday. It has potential though. The light blue/gray is a possibility. Any suggestions?


  1. hey i love the photos..amazing

  2. which ever color blue you end up with will be beautiful. You have great taste. I hope some of it spills over on me. Looking a gracious interiors gives me inspiration!

  3. I love the idea of a slate blue/gray color. I always love that feel with creamy white trim and wood floors.
    I'm sure you'll choose well. You have great taste.

  4. Your stairway is stunning! I think that blue would look beautiful!

  5. for a second i thought the first picture was our house and that you decorated this week after you got off work....

  6. Your stair case is wonderful.


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