Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun Project

I saw this big blank spot next to my desk. What an opportunity! So, off I went to Lowe's. I couldn't buy the exact product I wanted so "Mr. Lowes" suggested I use ceiling tiles. He sold some extras to me for practically nothing, something like $1. This is up and finished, but I wouldn't recommend ceiling tiles. Staples don't stay in very well. I used fabric and ribbons that I had. Some of the ribbon is from my grandmother's sewing box, some I bought YEARS ago for coats for my girls, some are from current shopping trips. Basically, I think it turned out lovely. For the next two pictures, I want you to guess what these items were originally used for. If you are friends and family that already know, NO FAIR TELLING. This may be easy for you. We'll see.
I really enjoy taking something and giving it a new purpose, or Repurposing.

Oh, here's a hint at another one of my collections. The plate on the left is a Nebraska State plate. I have a few. ;-)


  1. Tee Hee,I know the answers, but O.K., O.K., I won't tell. You are awesome - It's really fun reading your blog and telling my friends to look. Hugs.

  2. Let's see you have 600 in Sunday School and about $73.00 in the offering.How'd I do?

  3. you cheated! It's suppose to be non-family responses!!!!!!!

  4. I's the thingy where the hymnals go and the thingy that tells you what page to go to in your hymnal. Uh, I guess it's been a while since I went to church, I don't know what those thingys are called :-}

  5. Peggy's right. I would guess it's Hymnal Rack, but I don't know what the other thingy is called. It also told you how many were in church or Sunday School last week. As I recall. Churches don't really use them anymore. Hence, the new use. Good job, Peggy!


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