Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lots to say, so little time

Hello there.  How are you all out there?  It's a gorgeous day here and I'm getting ready to go on a fun trip with friends we haven't seen in several years.  So, looking forward to spending time with them again. I have a lot I should share with you and I will, eventually.  I thought I'd post a quickie.  Here are some of my favorite things lately.

I was asked to contribute to a group blog called Grateful Living.  I just started back up yesterday and my post will be tomorrow, Friday the 13th.  I'd love for you to stop by and check it out.  Its challenging me to put into words what I am grateful for, which is a good practice, I think.

I follow the blog of this very personable and fun artist who teaches fourth grade in the Chinatown area of Los Angeles.  I mostly follow her because of her beautiful art journals.  I thought you would enjoy this sweet story she shared recently. It made me smile.

I'm still journaling and enjoying it.  I've started Bible Journaling.  If you haven't run across any of this loveliness I encourage you to check out Illustrated Faith.  Here are a few of my pages.  I'm such a beginner!

Another thing I've started is using a planner.  Its very fun to "dress it up" how you want.  It is helping me be more organized, but I'm also fairly new to that as well.  We will see how it goes.

 I hope all is well and you're up to some fun new things too.  I post more often on Instagram if you'd like to join me there!  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Retreat Planning

Hello everyone.  A lot has happened around here since I last gave you an update.  Just a few days after my last post, we received the sad news that my Mother-in-Law had passed away unexpectedly.  We frantically scheduled flights and spent several days with our immediate and extended families.  It was a wonderful time celebrating her life, even though we are sad and she will be greatly missed.  It just doesn't seem real, you know?  Life is precious and flies by way too fast.

After that my husband flew to Malaysia and then to Japan for work.   I was home prepping for our next Women's Retreat which is later this month.  We are again using a kit retreat from Group Publishing.  This one is called Garden Getaway and we will be looking at scripture in the Bible to see how God walks with us through all the different seasons of our lives.  Even the times of loss and grief.

This photo was my inspiration.
I like to do my own graphics because I never really like the ones provided, therefore I began my doodling. These will be the name tags.
Sign-up sheet.  
We are making laminated bookmarks for little reminders. These will be cut, laminated and have a ribbon added.  
We are gathering and covering cans that will be filled with flowers similar to this idea.  We are trying to go with a totally different look that we normally do.  We will see if we can pull it off.
We plan on having a big salad bar and baked potato bar for lunch.  
Veggies for snacks and Dirt for dessert.  Have you ever made Dirt Cake?  Here is the recipe from Taste of Home.  I'm not adding the gummy worms.  Stay tuned for the pictures of our actual event in early March.  Check out our wonderful event last year!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Documented Life Project - End of Year Update

My first year of art journaling has come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned so much. I realized that I have only shown you through Week 40.
Week 41 - incorporate polka dots
Week 42 - incorporate stars
Week 33 - sketch what you are looking at
Week 44 - incorporate leaves onto your page. I used leaves to print the background of this page. Can you tell that I was excited about my upcoming trip to Paros? 
Week 45 - add a tab. I used some goodies from Paris. 
Week 47 - attach a map of your state and document something about the map. I evidently skipped week 46. 
Week 48 - document thankfulness in a creative way. 
Week 49 - trace a hand. I traced my HH's hand. 
Week 51 - use arrows. Somehow I skipped another week. 
Week 52 - document your Christmas traditions. 
Week 53 - use the first letter of your name. 

I'm not sure how we ended up with 53 weeks. I think they started the year with 1 before the week was finished. I am endeavoring to continue this journaling and adding the Documented Faith group to the mix. Thanks for following my journey. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snowed In?

I thought I'd show you how we began 2015.  We got 10 inches of snow and lost our electricity for around 62 hours.  As you can tell by the photos, it was very beautiful.  My little shed is going to be the star of many of my photos.  It was especially lovely covered in snow.

 Isn't she pretty?

My husband is a hiker which I'm sure you remember.  He has a lot of necessary supplies that helped us survive the power outage.  He was loving his Jet Boil, but our gas stove worked fine and we made do.  We also used our charcoal grill for some delicious steaks.  I even popped popcorn in a pan on the stove the way my Mom use to do it.  It was delicious.
The headlamp came in handy at night when I wanted to read.  You won't be seeing any photos of me with the headlamp on.  Not happening.
 I was reading Unbroken, which is so good.  My little annoying difficulties were nothing in comparison to what Louis Zamporini endured.
 Yay for powered up Kindles.

 Seriously!  Isn't it gorgeous?

We have long ago gotten rid of our snow shovels.  My husband ended up shoveling our very steep driveway with a regular garden shovel.  We still could not get out, because we live along very steep hills and our city does not have equipment to plow snow.  So we waited.  We finally got out four days later.
 Our new refrigerator.

 So many trees in our area were shattered.  It's really sad.

My beautiful Aeonium tipped over and so these pieces are going to friends who want to start their own.
Yesterday (less than a week later) it was 82 and so we are back to normal California weather, if not a little warm for the month.  Big changes are on the horizon at our house.  I'll try to keep you up to speed a little better in 2015.  Hope your New Year was wonderful and not as eventful as ours. 



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