Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Documented Life Journal Update

It's been awhile since I showed you my journal pages.  I'm still going strong.  Lining them up like this makes me see a style trend.  There have been some challenges that have taken me out of my norm.  
Week 32 - Add a fortune
I only had two fortunes to work with and this one seemed the most usable. "You are admired for your impeccable tastes.  Give a gift."
Week 33 - Use your underpaper creatively
This was fun and easy.  I simply ripped my underpaper into strips and then put them back together randomly.  I used the fan from my "niece's" wedding as the tip-in. The dragonfly went well and the quote summed it up.  Now that it's October I'm pretty tired of Summer still hanging around.  It's suppose to be up to 99 on Friday.  In case you're wondering, underpaper is the paper under your projects when you are painting.  It gets the overflow of paint and stamps, etc.   
 Week 34 - Fill the page with numbers that relate to your week 
The photobooth pictures were again from the family wedding. This documented some of the fun things I did with my girl when she was visiting.  
 The back of Week 34. I just like pattern girls. 
Week 35 - Draw, sketch, paint or doodle a face  
Ugh.  What a sad, sad face it is.  But, I tried and that's okay.
Week 36 - Use black and white
I didn't think I would like this as much as I did.  I photocopied a "found relative" cabinet card since it was too thick for my book.  I even added a little lace.  I'm living on the wild side!
Week 37 - Use a white pen prominently
This was harder than I thought it would be.  I had to add some shading and wish I would've done the quote differently.  It should've had more prominence.  
Week 38 - Draw or add a feather
I did this one with a little different look than my other pages. I found the feather when shopping at Gilding the Lily in September.  I had no previous plan, but kind of love how it turned out.  
Week 39 - Use drips and splatters
I didn't love this one, but I did it!
The back side of Week 39.
WEEK 40 - Use three colors you never use.
I wasn't all that excited about this one either.  I ended up making it very simple, but I like it a lot.  I never use brown or red and rarely use orange.  It turned out to be perfect for October. 
Thanks for checking these out.  If you want to see some really amazing artists,visit these ladies.  

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Women of Faith - 2014

We went to our yearly visit to Women of Faith this weekend. What a wonderful time we had.  The theme for their conference was "Survival to Revival". 

 We took off with the Survival theme and planned our tailgate party around a tropical survivor theme.
 We made ham and pineapple skewers, spinach salad with strawberries, along with mango and grapes.
One of my team made individual pineapple upside-down cakes. Aren't they adorable? They were delicious. I found the instructions for the easy pineapple gift bags on The House That Lars Built. They were a big hit. We made "survival kits" as gifts for our ladies. I found the instructions at Positively Splendid.  

 Here is my awesome team!
We heard awesome teaching from Lysa Terkeurst, Lisa Harper, Christine Caine, Patsy Clairmont, Lisa Bevere, and Sheila Walsh.  We enjoyed two concerts from Natalie Grant and Matthew West. You should check out Women of Faith when it comes to your area.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family Wedding

I know I promised to fill you in on our other activities this summer.  Our youngest daughter came home for a few days in August.  One big event that week was a family wedding. First we went to a single "A" baseball game. Which always ends in fireworks. Cell phone pictures of fireworks are blurry, unfortunately. 

 We ended up having to go shopping before the wedding.  "Hunky Husband" forgot all his nice clothes at our apartment.  We had to entertain ourselves in the men's department for a little while.
 He got a little tickled at one of his own jokes at lunch.  Actually, more than a little tickled.  
The wedding was beautiful but on a very hot day. 

 This is my Aunt and Uncle.  They are the bride's grandparents.
 My cousin and his beautiful daughter walking down the aisle.  I wish I could've taken a picture of her guy.  What an amazing reaction he had.  It was so sweet.  
 This is the bride's Momma and my youngest girl, hanging out afterwards during the photo session.

This beautiful reception was in their back yard. They did an amazing job!

What a special evening.  I promise that I'll be back. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family Visits

It was recently pointed out to me that I haven't posted in a month.  Do you think once a month is enough to blog?  Don't answer that.  I definitely have lost my blogging mojo.  I guess I'm not sure I should be always blogging about the everydayness of life.  Most successful blogs support an artist or a business.  With that little vent, I will get on with my post.

We've had our kids visit us this summer.  Our oldest daughter and son-in-law visited us in July over her birthday.  We decided to check out the San Diego Safari Park the first day.  I could show you many, many more animal photos, but just wanted to give you a peek.

 Then we had our Australian kids join us for the weekend. Poor Sandy and Mark were buried under one of their suitcases in my little car.  
They all loved our favorite Mexican restaurant.  
 On Monday we visited the La Jolla coves northern San Diego. 
Our landlocked kids wanted to see the ocean.  

 All the kids climbed down to the beach and explored the caves.
 A friend recommended we eat lunch at the award winning Porkyland in La Jolla.  I didn't know it was a Mexican food restaurant, but BOY WAS IT DELICIOUS.  Above are my Carne Asada Tacos that HH and I shared. I can never have too much Mexican food.

 Later that day we celebrated DD1's birthday at a local winery.

Last but not least, the kids had to have In-N-Out on the way to the airport.  Kind of an unusual brunch, don't you think?  But very delicious! Stay tuned for our DD2's visit.  Hopefully I'll post that within the next month.


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