Monday, October 29, 2018

Twenty-two Gifts

In my last post I told you all about the art retreat I went to in Vermont earlier this month.  What I didn't show you were the gifts I made everyone.  We could bring a simple gift or just give "calling cards", whatever we chose. Typically several women make some pretty fun and creative gifts.  I labored over this decision for too long and wanted to make something that reflected my skills and interests.  The decision was made, I had a plan and bought linen napkins to embellish.  I'd make a set of two for everyone.  My plan was to dye them using the Cyanotype method (sun prints) you may have seen me do previously.  Something like this idea.
The more I thought about it I realized that the process would take too long for the amount of time I had left.  So I had to come up with Plan B.  I already had purchased 44 napkins.  I decided to embroider Fall designs on each set using this fun embroidery book I bought in Japan.  
You may remember that I used it to make some pretty coasters for a friend's birthday while I lived in Japan.  This is how they turned out.
So, I got to work! Now, so you don't think I'm TOTALLY nuts, the second napkins had a simple word stitched on it: Blessed, Grateful, Gather, Thankful.  They are perfect for Fall dinners for two.  

Other attendees made some sweet gifts too. Several gave out packs of ephemera to use in our art for the week. One woman picked flowers out of her garden and brought a large bouquet for EACH of us. It was full of dahlias, zinnias, cosmos and forget me nots. Here is a sweet paper clay doll that was made for everyone.  
I didn't get a photo of every gift, but when you get creative women together, it's bound to be good!


  1. I love these - you did such a nice job (even though I DO think you're a little nuts)! Those are just beautiful. I can only imagine how great it would be to be among a bunch of creative women! Good times :)

    1. What?? Me, nuts? Hahaha, maybe you're right. I like to give gifts people will love. What can I say?

    2. You do a GREAT job at that!

  2. I really like and appreciate your post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.


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