Saturday, May 21, 2016

Australian Loves

Several years ago now, we hosted a foreign exchange student through AFS when we lived in the Chicago suburbs.  Her name was Sandy and she was from a small town outside of Melbourne.  I called her Sandra Dee, much to her dismay.  If anyone gets that reference, then kudos to you.

With AFS, students typically stay for 11 months.  It takes time for them and you to adjust, usually a few months.  She arrived in August and after Christmas, I think she started feeling more at home.  Or was it that new boy she'd met?  Being responsible for someone else's 16 year old daughter when they begin dating is SCARY, let me tell you.
Fast forward 16 years and they are happily married and living in Australia. I hadn't seen their two oldest children in 7 years and had never seen the youngest, she'll be 5 this month.  While my husband was traveling to Mexico and the US, I decided I should go visit.  I AM on the right side of the world these days, but it is still a pretty long flight.  The price was reasonable and Sandy said, "come".  So, I did.  Here's a glimpse of my very fast visit with them.  I played a lot!

 This area is called Lake's Entrance which borders along the Bass Strait.  
We walked over to the beach for a lovely view.  

Another day we drove to Raymond Island and took the ferry across.  
We were hoping to see Koalas and Kangaroo.  

This is a Galah, part of the cockatoo family. Alas, I saw NO KANGAROO, the entire visit!  

 The cute kiddos on a busy afternoon after school.

 My last day there we spent the day in Melbourne. This is an alley of cafes.
 It poured the day we were in Melbourne, which was the day I left.
Little bit was tired out. 
We found the alley of graffiti and took advantage of the photo opportunity.  It was so fun to be with them and HH and I need to go back TOGETHER.  I realized that I need to do a post on a visit to Kyoto.  Sorry about that.  It will be a little out of order.  Have a great weekend!


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